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  1. That is correct, I am no longer updating this tool (for now at least). There has been many database format changes lately on both emulators which made updating more troublesome. Every new update breaks many features everytime and keeping things compatible between emulators has become much harder. I would have to do a lot of refactoring to make this smoother, but... I unfortunately do not have as much free time as I'd like to start such a project.
  2. Well the most popular requests have already been suggested, all of which are rather huge undertaking: A more friendly STR editor (which you've already said you're not interested in). A palette editor meant towards the creation of palettes for the job sprites/head sprites, as mentioned by evilpuncker. Either fully automated or for "manual mass creation" (as in choosing colors that would automatically create palettes for the other classes). It is hard to create a friendly interface for such a project though. The job sprite files are also different for some servers, so it's hard to account for everyone when doing such a project. It's quite a messy one that would leave you more frustrated than anything at the end of the day. A, yet again, new patcher similar to Thor. I don't think one is really necessary as Thor already does everything you'd want from a patcher though. Edit: A new map editor, similar to BrowEdit. BrowEdit 2.0 is still being worked on, though. Those are certainly the requests I've received the most that I can remember. (I have a feeling those aren't the programs you'd be looking to make...!) But sorry, those are my best guesses.
  3. Heya, Sorry for sneaking in your thread... someone pinged me @@! I want to point out that your version of Act Editor is quite outdated (latest versions are on the mediafire links in its respective thread, or here). There are no known issues with the pick color tool; please forward them to me if you can reproduce it easily. I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...! I am simply not very active on Hercules' forums. I released the downgraded RSM2/RMS1 files on Borf's Discord. I believe I saw the models being reuploaded in other places afterwards...? Anyhow, I had also converted the RSW files with its objects, but never released those maps (someone had to do that manually ;x...). Though the models' conversion isn't perfect (the rotation frames' quaternions weren't converted properly), so some models ended up with oddities. A tool to convert those models will not be released however as it is simply easier to use a newer client instead to load those maps/models.
  4. Edit: Oops, wrong forum, sorry, ignore me!
  5. You can use this (it's based on rAthena, I haven't tested on Hercules ;x. I presume it's compatible though!). - shop #annie_shop -1,501:50,502:50,503:50 prontera,155,155,4 script Annie Shop 757,{ callshop "#annie_shop", 0; npcshopattach "#annie_shop"; end; OnBuyItem: .@map$ = .jmpmaps$[rand(getarraysize(.jmpmaps$))]; getfreecell(.@map$, .@x, .@y); specialeffect EF_TELEPORTATION2; // For the teleport effect unitwarp getnpcid(0), .@map$, .@x, .@y; dispbottom "Teleported NPC to " + .@map$ + " (" + .@x + ", " + .@y + ")"; end; OnInit: setarray .jmpmaps$, "hugel", "yuno", "comodo", "xmas", "aldebaran", "izlude", "payon", "geffen", "morocc", "prontera"; end; }
  6. As the guide in the download page says: Server name : open RO.iss and change the first line : #define ServerName "YourRO"You changed all the preprocessor lines from #ServerName to #myRO, so that won't work.
  7. Sprites don't appear on the end map. It's possible to recover your map, but I'd start by just deleting/renaming your .extra file and see if that's enough to load it up.
  8. groups.conf only works with source-side defined commands. If you want to make a script atcommand, you'll need to add the gm level when you bind it, such as: bindatcmd("@evacheck", strnpcinfo(3)+ "::OnCheck"), 0, 99; Where 0 is the gm level required to use the command (@evacheck) and 99 is the gm level required to use the command as a char command (#evacheck).
  9. You'd be surprised. DDoS attacks start at 50+ players, it's kinda sad. As suggested already, go with non-reseller hostings such as OVH/Limestone/etc. It will be a harder learning curve, but there are plenty of guides for it and you'll have much more control over your server. I would not recommend RagnaHosting, at all. I've lost all my trust for the owner after my scripts were sold without my consent, my real life friend getting completely scammed, with both money and fake promises, and not to mention all the shady businesses going on (cough, including the free gameguard being sold without my consent, then again, it doesn't work anymore so it's fine I guess).
  10. It is possible to lock a GRF in such a way, however you wouln't be able to patch it anymore unless you use a custom patcher. I believe Advanced GRF Tool Suit has such a feature, though.The reason this isn't included in GRF Editor is because it reduces the usability of your GRF and creates problems afterwards.
  11. Your GRF is broken. Other than deleting the files manually in it, there's no way to fix this. The issue comes from the patch file you're sending; you chose the wrong encodings when you made it. If you use Thor Generator, you have to select ANSI instead of Unicode, since you aren't using Korean file names. If you use GRF Editor to make the thor patch, the file encodings are handled semi-automatically: File > New > New Thor > add your files. Select "root" > Container options > Changing "Patching mode" to "Merge into GRF". Save and send that instead.
  12. Heya, this .lub can be decompiled just fine. Are you sure you're using the latest version?
  13. Here's what the modes do: File > Save > Somewhat similar to what a patcher would do; it will write the new files in empty spaces or compact the data to make space and then write the data in there. If you only add new files, it will append to the GRF and not repack anything. If there's too much fragmentation it will repack instead though. File > Save advanced > Defragment > This is the common repack option you'd expect. It used to be the default saving method of GRFE for a long time and it simply writes a new GRF by packing the entries' data one next to the other. This is rather quick and should result in no 'dead space' within the GRF. File > Repack (recompress) > This option decompresses and then recompresses all the files in your GRF (and packs the data one next to the other, so no space left either). This is mostly useful for repacking a GRF with the LZMA compression and vice versa. File > Compact (redirect indexes) > This option removes duplicate data and redirect the indexes in the file table to the same data instead. This is very useful for palette GRFs since most of them are just copies of one another. If you save such a GRF again (using any of the methods above), you will regain your original size of 200 MB. But you can shrink down palettes from ~200 MB down to 5 MB using such a method and this will not have any impact. Thor Patcher does this as well to compress its content even more.
  14. If you want to know the amount of players in a guild for a specific map, you may also want to use: .@count = getmapguildusers("prontera", getcharid(2));
  15. Alright, well the thor file is perfectly fine, there's no issue with it. So it could be related to your Thor Patcher (try a different version) or like I mentionned above, a permission issue (then again, if you can patch GRFs', then it's unlikely).
  16. Hmm, upload your thor file to clear that part of the issue out, if any. Otherwise, it might simply due to a local issue from your antivirus/windows blocking you from writing in the directory (so run it as admin).
  17. You need an updated/compatible msgstringtable.txt (this one will probably do the trick: https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE/blob/master/data/msgstringtable.txt ).
  18. Use "Export selection..." in (Mediafire is getting a bit annoying lately...)
  19. Going to need a lot more information. You can't view encrypted content, that's a given.
  20. I haven't fully tested this method (I usually use Thor files for patching instead). But yes, it will encrypt the files you selected in the GRF and overwrite or add those to your server's default GRF.
  21. Can you please rephrase that question? I don't understand what you're trying to say here ;x. The "sprite type" field from ActOR has been removed on purpose because it serves no real purposes in Act Editor.
  22. Here, for instance : x = 1;for id in range(20000, 20010): item_db2[id] = item_db[501]; #copies the item 501 to your item_db2 10 times item_db2[id, "aegis_name"] = item_db[501, "aegis_name"] + "_" + str(x); item_db2[id, "name"] = item_db[501, "name"] + " " + str(x); x = x + 1 This python script will add 10 items based on the item 501 in your item_db2. It will also add an id at the end of the AegisName and Name fields. You can obviously remove that last part...!
  23. Changelogs can be found in the first page description (may not be updated though). This Gat Editor had no reason to be in a GRF editor so it's been removed. Encryption protects your files' content and nothing more. It could protect the GRF's file table, but then you wouldn't be able to update your GRF with patchers... unless you made a custom patcher!
  24. Is your GRF at position 0 in your data.ini? If it already is, then the error indicates you didn't put all lub files and you should do what I mentionned above.
  25. It appears you're missing some lub files in your GRF. So... open your GRF and add all files from your data folder. If you're using GRF Editor, then just drag and drop, for example : Save and you should be able to rename/delete your current data folder.
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