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Found 14 results

  1. Greetings everyone, Today I'm introducing a project that I've been envisioning and working on for a couple of months, a control panel developed using Laravel (currently v5.8) that has quite a few advanced features that no other panel has offered before. Feature Insight Bootstrap Responsive Design The panel by default will come with one bootstrap-based responsive design that is elegant, light coloured and adjusts to screens of all sizes. The panel is also capable of supporting custom themes. Master Account System Create and manage all your game accounts in any server from one main web-account. Passwords of the master accounts are hashed using bcrypt to ensure safety for all registered users. ROGen Adapted from @KeyWorld's ROChargen, a library in php that extracts images from sprites and uses resources inside data folders (and not grf files). With the help of this library images of headgears, skill icons, illustrations, item images, monsters and mini maps are can be generated and displayed on web pages. Complete Database Libraries Using a library with conversions of information in the client folder, the website incorporates in-game information such as skill and item descriptions, quest information and much more. Character Overview The character overview page is an important part of a user's experience. With the features mentioned above, we're able to display alot of information about one's in-game characters on the fly. User Profiles Additionally, something that's never been seen before in RO CMS or Panels are public user profiles. The ability of a user to view another user's in-game information through the control panel. Customisable Email Templates Administration Section The demo for this site is live and available at - http://bladecp.xyz ID: [email protected] Pass: abcdef How do I gain access to this awesome panel? PM me on discord @Sxyz#0202! To get in touch or check out updates on this project, join my discord channel @ https://discord.gg/pWgZHzx
  2. New Control Panel Hey guys! So i'm building a new Control Panel for Herc. The code will use the same code as the Control Panel i built for rA. I will update both constantly. Currently, i havn't finished the new Update for the Control Panel for rA. Once that's done, i would modify it to work for Herc. As that update uses new code design. Which would make it much cleaner and developer friendly for module creators. Github I have made an organization which would contain all the Control Panels. The github repo would contain two Folders, rAthena and Hercules. Inside those folders would be .zip files of the Control Panels. [Click Me to Go to the Github Repo]
  3. jowy

    Just Another CP

    Hi, I just started develop another ragnarok cp because I found fluxcp doesnt suit my need and doesnt easy to extend. You can see the looks on screenshot below It is still far from done yet. I will try to make extendable by utilizing module pattern (installable via composer) and the good news is I will be releasing as opensource so everyone can contribute you can follow development progress on github Any feedback, idea or contribution are welcome!
  4. Version v5 @r99


    StarGames Control Panel is a Control Panel used for Private Ragnarok Online Servers. It's integrated with it's very own Community Board System, Self Locking System, Server Status, and a Bug Report / Contact System. Before installing Stargames Control Panel on your webhost, you need to make sure your webhost provider offers you: * PHP 5.2 * PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support) * MySQL 5 * GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA) * Tidy (for cleaner HTML output) * Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature You can view this demo by going to this link: http://sgcp.hostei.com/index.php?act=idx
  5. File Name: StarGames Control Panel for Hercules 3rd Job File Submitter: OnNplay File Submitted: 30 Jul 2013 File Category: Web Resources StarGames Control Panel is a Control Panel used for Private Ragnarok Online Servers. It's integrated with it's very own Community Board System, Self Locking System, Server Status, and a Bug Report / Contact System. Before installing Stargames Control Panel on your webhost, you need to make sure your webhost provider offers you: * PHP 5.2 * PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support) * MySQL 5 * GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA) * Tidy (for cleaner HTML output) * Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature You can view this demo by going to this link: http://sgcp.hostei.com/index.php?act=idx Click here to download this file
  6. The 3rd premade finally released! All fluxcp premades are compatible with eAthena, rAthena and Hercules it comes with SQL scripts and in-game scripts to make add-ons working. New Release Premade v3 Website & Patcher New Premade v2 Patcher
  7. CORA™, formerly named as Taka Control Panel, is a FREE and Stand-alone Content Management System for your private ragnarok online websites! Easily change the contents of your site by accessing the admin panel. No need to open up a text editor and hassle yourself with the source code. You can even change themes or manage widgets in your website with just a few clicks! with CORA™ you can: Create/Update/Delete news and events with CKEditor Create/Update/Delete pages with CKEditor Easy navigation creation Easy users(players) management Easily Add/Edit/Remove widgets on your website Easily change into different themes ​ Easily manage your cash shop Easily manage your vote links and donate options Easily edit your settings View your characters with ROChargen View guild emblems View player/guild rankings View WoE Schedule View castle status Click for a video demonstration of CORA™ back when it was still in early development. DOWNLOAD Visit our website to download CORA™: http://cora.takaworks.net/ or you can clone it from github: https://github.com/takari1994/CORA Install guide is provided in our website. SCREENSHOTS Screenshot 01 | Screenshot 02 | Screenshot 03 | Screenshot 04 | Screenshot 05 | Screenshot 06 | Screenshot 07 Screenshot 08 | Screenshot 09 | Screenshot 10 | Screenshot 11 | Screenshot 12 | Screenshot 13 | Screenshot 14 NOTES Recent updates requires CORA to use some custom and ready-made scripts such as AnnieRuRu's PVP ladder. All required scripts will be included and placed in the `scripts` folder. DISCLAIMER CORA™ is currently in beta phase and does not provide warranty of any sort, including but not limited to, warranty of quality, performance, usability. You assume all risks associated with using the software. BUG REPORT & SUGGESTIONS Please submit your reports and suggestions as a reply to this thread or by sending an email to [email protected] Or if you have quick questions such as "does this support so and so" .. then yes you may ask, but if you need support regarding installation and what not, please send me a PM or perhaps I might start a support topic instead. SUPPORT US Also, please support us by liking us on facebook: http://facebook.com/takaworks and/or by donating. Any amount will be deeply appreciated. https--,,--//www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donateCC_LG.gif[/url]] UPDATE CORA™ v0.9.4.2 BETA [Download] ​Added a `memory_limit` index in settings.php to increase/decrease memory allocation. Fixed some database and missing variable errors for eAthena users. Fixed the query in generate_profiles.sql. Potential Fix for the memory leak problem in logs module. Fixed missing images in cash shop checkout page. Fixed item weight in item database search. Fixed checkout spam, which will drain players' credits/vpoints, by disabling the pay button after submitting the form. Fixed ranking widget where a display glitch occurs when selecting the "Display Guild Only" option. Fixed the error in registration/account update where the birthday doesn't apply to the login table. Fixed registration/account update page where users can directly input birthday. Fixed an issue where admin is required to login w/ regular account to update other accounts. Added an option in account settings to allow/disallow username change. Added an option in account settings to allow/disallow birthday change. Added an option in account settings to custom username/password format error message. Added an option in general settings for "Construction Mode" to redirect users (Excluding admin) to a "Under Construction" page when enabled. Added support for item_db_re and item_db2. UPDATE: Admin can now change a player's username and password regardless of the settings. UPDATE: Admin can now change a player's credits and vpoints. Started to implement responsive design for dashboard for mobile content management (not yet finished/ongoing). CORA™ v0.9.4 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.3 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.2 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.1 BETA - changelogs CORA™ v0.9.0 BETA - changelogs https--,,--//i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/4.0/88x31.png[/url]] CORA™ by Takaworks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  8. Hi all. I want to ask. I'm using hercules fluxcp. I try to reset my position and I want to view my equip. But the problem is I dont find my character there. Here some picture step im doing. 1st step, I click the my account, then proceed to my character. 2nd step, You can see no character was found ? I try click the Change slot, Reset Look, and Reset Positionbut its will redirect me to this below picture. . Then I will back to my homepage. The question is, how to fix it ?
  9. Hello all, I have try to configure the cora but this will happen. My setting. <?php$settings = array( /* ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Directory Configuration * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * These configurations are used to identify the location of the both * application and system folders, relative to the index.php file. * The default configurations are as follows: * * 'app_path' => '../application', * 'sys_path' => '../system', * * If you moved both folders in the same level as your index.php file * change your configurations as shown below: * * 'app_path' => 'application', * 'sys_path' => 'system', * ------------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'app_path' => 'application', 'sys_path' => 'system', /* ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Basic Configuration * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * These configurations contains information regarding your website. * * base_url : This is the full url of your website pointing to the * index.php file, excluding the index.php itself. The * value should always end with a trailing slash. e.g: * * 'base_url' => 'http://ragnarokname.com/', * or * 'base_url' => 'http://ragnarokname.com/cora/', * * encrypt_key : This is a random 30-character alphanumeric string. * This is used to encrypt your sessions for security. * Example of this would be: * eMZxG9Mpjin05MBYje91NJL0cQaGrb * * You may use this tool for your convenience: * http://www.random.org/strings/ * * dev_mode : Turn off error reports by setting this to false. * * timezone : Timezone that your server uses. Please refer to this * guide for valid timezone values: * http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php * ------------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'base_url' => 'http://localhost:8080/cp/', 'encrypt_key' => 'eMZxG9Mpjin05MBYje91NJL0cQaGrb', 'dev_mode' => true, 'timezone' => 'Asia/Kuala_Lumpur', /* ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Database Configuration * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * These configurations contains information regarding your MySQL DB. * * db_host : This is the IP of your MySQL database. e.g: * * db_user : Your database username. e.g: root * * db_pass : Your database password. * * db_name : Your `ragnarok` database or schema. e.g: ragnarok * * db_log_name : Your `log` database or schema. e.g: log * ------------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'db_host' => 'localhost', 'db_user' => 'ragnarok', 'db_pass' => 'ragnarok', 'db_name' => 'ragnarok', 'db_log_name' => 'ragnarok', /* ------------------------------------------------------------------- * ROChargen * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Contains settings used by the ROChargen feature. * * use_iteminfo_lua : Set to true if you are using iteminfo.lua * instead of idnum2.txt files. Usually, this * is for for servers using the newer clients. * For clients 2012-07-10a and lower, as well * as RE 2012-04-10a and lower, set to false. * ------------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'use_iteminfo_lua' => true, /* ----------------------------------------------------------------- * * Extra Configurations * * ----------------------------------------------------------------- */ 'memory_limit' => '32M' // Change the PHP memory limit allocation. WARNING: Increasing this value may cause exhaustion in your server. Use at your own risk! ); Here my installation folder I try to click the account, cashshop, donate and other page but getting this result. SO the question, which part I miss configuration ?
  10. Ola estava montando um cp para um servidor caseiro que estou montando so que dos tutoriais que vi o esquema de colocar o cp para os outros poderem acessar não esta funcionando aqui pois ja tentei de absolutamente tudo para conseguir fazer com que ele possa funcionar como mudar o porte do vertrigo para 80,8080,90 e 91 na linha aonde esta Listen (port) do vertrigo alem de ter colocado o ip como nesse exemplo Listen xxxxxxxxx.no-ip.info:80 (alem dos outros ports) so que sempre quando coloco o ip do no-ip da aquele problema do vertrigo ficar amarelo e eu liberei as portas não so no modem como tambem no firewall e coloquei o no-ip + o vertrigo como exceções no meu anti virus + firewall so que mesmo tendo feito tudo isso não da para acessar o cp a não ser na minha propria maquina (obs:não uso hamachi mais o servidor esta funcionando perfeitamente para os outros). Caso alguém tenha alguma solução poderia postar aqui pois não faço mais ideia do que fazer para resolver isso.
  11. Fala aê, galera. Gostaria de desativar a parte que mostra quem está online no servidor. Podem me dar uma ajuda? Obrigado.
  12. ================================== Premade RO Websites v2 ==================================
  13. Hello, i have a project of a control panel admin panel, i want it to be full of features, for players and adminstrators. The main points are functionalities and security combined with a clean, good looking and professional layout made with only css so it'll be really easy to customize the layout. About the technologies and techniques i'm using: HTML5 CSS3 Javascript (jQuery Library) PHP Webstandards compliant Responsive design free and open-source About the choice of the name well, as all of you know, CeresCP owned for years the title of the most used cp but it's not updated since 2011, it's built with old techniques and it's vulnerable, but still a great cp Ceres is a roman goddess, and as you know the roman myths are based on the greek ones, Demetra is just the goddess corresponding to Ceres on the Greek Mythology, i made this as a homage to CeresCP. Some features that got in my mind: for players Players level ranking Players zeny ranking Guild ranking (customizable view, by guild level or by amount of castles owned) once you log in, you will see your characters as they are (i'll be using rochargenphp framework) multi-language support for the staff Ban/unban VIP Admin ( the admin can activate players vip, and program it to end, with more than 1 different level of vips ) SQL server log, all the logs providaded by the server arranged in a cool table Panel log, a log system for the panel operations (a lv 99 GM can see a lv 80 log, but lv 80 can't see lv 99 logs Well there are more stuff but i can't remember then now (i have all noted on my notebook, later i'll update this topic) If you guys have any ideas, features you want just let me know, any ideas will be considered Is a donate shop, like on fluxcp, a good thing? is it used? should I implement it? you can see a preview of the project in this link: http://noxusstudio.net/demetra
  14. Hello everyone! I have promised to release this fluxcp compatible to both renewal and pre-renewal This will be a TWO (2) part release First (1) - If you'll gonna use the Hercules default SQL https://github.com/SamuelHercules/fluxcp-herc Just use this fluxcp installation and execute the hercules default sql files. Second (2) - If you have too many custom items and using txt databases and wanted to import them into the website @Edit: - I forgot to tell you'll be needing the original fluxcp-ra by Xantara for this Use this converter: Link Use this FluxCP: Link How to use the converter? - Perl, if you don't have it: http://www.perl.org/get.html To run the script, specify an input, output, target, and table. For example: Original Link: http://rathena.org/board/topic/83703-txt-sql-converter/ Credits: First of all, I don't own the converter, this is from rathena and I just modified some parts of it. Since Hercules and Rathena's item_db.txt has still the same columns but just differs in the sql files. Second, I also don't own the control panel and just modified it, All credits belongs to their owners. God bless everyone!
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