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  1. Weird discovery. Sometimes it doesnt have a problem. Sometime it does. Look at the animation. The slow ones is the custom statue. I wonder why.
  2. from there. You click the OPEN SQL SCRIPT FILE. After you saw the texts generated in your query window hit the lightning logo. Do the same with logs.
  3. Hello hercules folks. Ive been using this broadcaster npc of mine way back year 2014. Now i would like to update its feature. prontera,187,210,3 script Broadcaster#1::BC 894,{ set @npcname$, "^FF9300 Broadcaster ^000000"; set @header$,"[^0000ff" + @npcname$ + "^000000]"; set broadcastfee, 3000000; mes @header$; mes "Hi, I'm the Broadcaster."; mes "I can Broadcast a message for you."; mes " "; mes " "; mes " "; mes "It costs ^ff0000"+ broadcastfee +"^000000 zeny."; next; mes @header$; mes "Would you like to Broadcast?"; next; switch (select("Yes","Nevermind")){ case 1: if(Broadcast> gettimetick(2)) { mes @header$; mes "Sorry you have to wait for 1 min."; close; } mes @header$; if(Zeny<3000000) goto $nozenybc; set Zeny,zeny - broadcastfee; mes "Please input your message."; next; input broadcast$; announce "Shout from "+strcharinfo(0)+": "+broadcast$+"",0,0x5AFF00; // Edit 5AFF00 for color code HTML Color Code close2; set Broadcast, gettimetick(2)+60; //Timer 60 = 1 minute/s dispbottom "Broadcaster: Please wait for 1min until next broadcast to avoid flooding."; end; case 2: mes @header$; mes "Suit yourself."; close; } $nozenybc: mes "You don't have enough zeny."; close; } ^ This is the script. Simple Broadcaster NPC with a fee for every broadcast. Now there's this Ragnarok Server that using somehow similar NPC. Yet, they have 3rd option. Its called Automated Broadcast. Check my screenies below. This is the broadcaster NPC with Auto Broadcast menu. (see the rest of the screenshot below to see how the NPC's behavior) After you input your desired number you can review it to proceed or not. Annie made me a script which is similar to this one. Can be used as a case 3 for my script. But i dont know how to link it to my current script. Also, its asking for item. I cant make it to ask for zeny instead. Here's what annie wrote. prontera,155,185,5 script sjdfsdlf 1_F_MARIA,{ mes "input your broadcast message"; mes "each broadcast use 1 "+ F_MesItemInfo(Poring_Coin); if (!countitem(Poring_Coin)) close; next; input .@text$; mes "input how many times to broadcast"; next; input .@num; if (countitem(Poring_Coin) < .@num) { mes "you don't have enough "+ F_MesItemInfo(Poring_Coin); close; } mes "after closing this dialog box I'll start broadcast"; close2; if (countitem(Poring_Coin) < .@num) { // hacking recheck mes "you don't have enough "+ F_MesItemInfo(Poring_Coin); close; } delitem Poring_Coin, .@num; while (.@loop++ < .@num) { announce .@text$, bc_all; sleep 1000; } end; } Good Script indeed. Thank you so much!
  4. rAthena conversion annie. Thanks!
  5. Waiting for this. Imagine some people would like to have some peace and quiet time. They will be opt out to PVP Announcements. Hehe! Anyway here's the script you can add to manually truncate the PVP Ladder (Must be 99 GM Account). Again, same principle. Just add the BOLD to the script. Find these lines.
  6. For the people who wants their costume robe to show up! Find these lines and add this BOLD. Alright. *Edit again. I forgot to mention that this is for rathena. 😝
  7. OMG its really Christmas! Those small fonts. 😁
  8. Wow this is huge jump from 2.9. This comes with statues too! Is it Christmas? Thanks annie! Will this work to rathena?
  9. Hey @AnnieRuru. It works! Sorry for the late feedback.
  10. I second this. Think of it as same function but different approach. Thanks annie! ♥
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