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  1. pre payon,157,141,5 duplicate(Pheonix) Phoenix#TKJobChangePRE 4_M_MONK re payon_in01,62,10,5 duplicate(Pheonix) Phoenix#TKJobChangeRE 4_M_MONK
  2. I wanted to show you my beautiful FluxCP template 😍 Just a pity that I ended up giving up opening my server. 😶
  3. @raPalooza~ Can you also edit the darkbreath.act/spr?
  4. @raPalooza~ Amazing 😍 I'm already interested... How much will you sell?
  5. Terrible security failure, showing all data.
  6. Mine did it from scratch. putting more information and pictures
  7. how to make this bar appear on all mvp monsters?
  8. I really need this version. Only serve her!
  9. Does anyone have this mod? or do you know where I can find it?
  10. I'm not finding the 2018-07-04aRagexeRE client download, does anyone have it? I have already looked here http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/ and you do not have to download the RE version
  11. I'm not finding the 2017-09-13bRagexeRE client download, does anyone have it?
  12. How to block the attendance system to receive the prize per account, not per character?
  13. data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/tb_cashshop_banner.lub
  14. Maple

    Nemo patcher

    Tested! is working perfectly until the client most recent 2018-06-21a
  15. I had not even seen it that I could edit, sorry ahahaha
  16. @Habilis Can you put in the PSD to edit the name Lucky Spin? It's because I want to translate into Portuguese.
  17. Does anyone know the name of this font used in this button and image? it is not Visitor TT2 BRK.
  18. even using ISO-8859-1, that number still appears
  19. I use ANSI, so the text accents work in langtype 12 (brazil)
  20. I translated into Portuguese, "Use Free points" = "Usar ROP's"
  21. Line: 3305 msgstringtable Ash... https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation/blob/master/data/msgstringtable.txt#L3305 msgstringtable Zack... https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE/blob/master/data/msgstringtable.txt#L3305
  22. data (https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation) client 2018-02-13
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