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  1. Thanks for the awesome map! map looks great if shadow is disabled or /lightmap. everything looks clear. But if shadow is enabled the red light is too harsh. can't even use stylist cuz too red. is there a way to fix this? or maybe disable reddish light when shadow is enabled
  2. I can't seem to get this to work. Also Lord of Vermillion also does not work But the new Level up animation, Modern Lighting Bolt & Modern Thunder Storm works. I just put them all in data/texture/effect folder
  3. how to remove 'Homunculus automatic feeding Off' Everytime you login, it displays at the bottom. Shouldn't it display only for alchemist class?
  4. spinzaku

    Nemo patcher

    please fix.. using ur latest nemo
  5. nice! mob skill db for geffen tournament is missing also
  6. ohh i forgot. i wish someone would convert to rathena thou! haha great job
  7. Awesome Job! will you be able to provide the questdb and instancedb for the instances?
  8. Thank you and sure, I will release a rAthena version. About the question, no, this is not part of Weekly Turn-In Events, this is an independent event that uses the same npc to make the story. Also, turn-in npc is still available while this quest is active. ohhh! i cannot wait. hahaha please
  9. Awesome job.. please have a rAthena version.. is this part of http://irowiki.org/wiki/Weekly_Turn-In_Events ?
  10. ohhh thank you. i fixed by copy+pasting another .wav file lol
  11. i really love this. please make a version for the blue damage? and a NON Bold and Medium sized version it's also very big on maps that have zoom restrictions like abbey
  12. what a client do you use? i can't produce that bug like what u say i use 20150513 everthing fine @@raPalooza~ btw can u share your costume cursor?? I am playing on Rathena Server.. using compatible client which is 2015-10-29a sometimes like this also.. it creates a circle. (see attachment) i would love like to have your cursor also hehe if water is very shallow = circle problem
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