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  1. just change the owner of the files to apache if you are using httpd chown -R apache:apache * make sure you are on the inside html folder
  2. .@origin = getcharid(3); // save account id of player who talk to npc getpartymember(getcharid(1),0); getpartymember(getcharid(1),1); getpartymember(getcharid(1),2); for ( .@i = 0; .@i < $@partymembercount; .@i++ ) { if ( isloggedin( $@partymemberaid[.@i], $@partymembercid[.@i] ) ) { // check if they are online and.. attachrid ($@partymemberaid[.@i]); // attach them to the script if (BloodQuest != 6) { // check your condition mes "I'm sorry but one or some of your party member is not allowed to participate in Blood Quest."; close; } } } attachrid(.@origin); // after all is done attach the npc back to player may this help you
  3. You need source code patch for getting those coordinat you want, here a link may help you https://rathena.org/board/topic/65099-using-getmapxy-to-monster/
  4. Litro

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    its nice to be of help
  5. Litro

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    imho the script is not meet what you need, try this //========= Event Area======== prontera,167,169,3 script Event Area 2_BULLETIN_BOARD,{ warp "prontera",99,121; end; OnInit: OnTimer1000: delwaitingroom; waitingroom getmapusers("prontera")+" player"+( getmapusers("prontera") > 1 ? "s":"") +" in Event Area", 0; initnpctimer; end; } OnTouch is used if you want script trigered when someone appeared on area around the npc, and if you use the OnTimerXX: you need to init the timer, script above will re-check the amount of player on prontera every 1 second and you will be warped when you click the npc
  6. there is function for this https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/npc/other/Global_Functions.txt#L360" class="bbc_url" title="External link" rel="nofollow external">https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/npc/other/Global_Functions.txt#L360 //== Function F_MesColor =================================== // Function to colorize npc dialog without having to memorize the color code // Examples: // mes callfunc("F_MesColor", C_BLUE) +"This message is now in BLUE"; function script F_MesColor { return sprintf("^X", min(getarg(0), 0xFFFFFF)); }
  7. bindatcmd is custom patch on 3CeAM you must have it to run this script and you can't do direct variable on 3CeAM since it's not supported by the script engine here the requested script may it satisfy you - script asdfgadhjkl -1,{ end; OnInit: bindatcmd "shower",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnShowerCommand",99,99; end; OnShowerCommand: set .@showeritemid, atoi(.@atcmd_parameters$[0]); set .@showeritamount, atoi(.@atcmd_parameters$[1]); if ( !.@showeritemid ) { message strcharinfo(0), "@shower <Item ID> <amount>"; end; } if ( getiteminfo(.@showeritemid,2) == -1 ) { message strcharinfo(0), "Invalid Item ID"; message strcharinfo(0), "@shower <Item ID> <amount>"; end; } if(.@showeritamount <= 0) { message strcharinfo(0), "Invalid Item Amount"; message strcharinfo(0), "@shower <Item ID> <amount>"; end; } query_sql("SELECT `account_id` FROM `char` WHERE `online` = 1 ORDER BY `account_id` LIMIT 128", .@account_id); set .@showermap$, strcharinfo(3); while ( .@count < .@account_id ) { if(!attachrid(.@account_id[.@count])) continue; if(strcharinfo(3) != .@showermap$ ) continue; if(checkvending()) continue; getitem .@showeritemid,.@showeritamount; announce "Something has been drop from the sky!",bc_self,0xFFC0CB; set .@count, .@count +1; sleep2 100; } end; }
  8. great thanks and it's okay take your time
  9. Hi dear @@Rytech are you have the plan to increase item db size ? i hope you will thx
  10. hi sir patch bindatcmd generating warning below Warning 1 warning C4028: formal parameter 6 different from declaration c:\documents and settings\admin\my documents\rewrite\src\map\script.c 2514 the function code [setd_sub] in script.c and script.h seem to have same name with each other script.c: void setd_sub(struct script_state *st, TBL_PC *sd, const char *varname, int elem, void *value, struct linkdb_node **ref) { set_reg(st, sd, reference_uid(add_str(varname),elem), varname, value, ref); } script.h void setd_sub(struct script_state *st, TBL_PC *sd, const char *varname, int elem, void *value, struct DBMap **ref); it just my assumption hope you will take a look on this and fix if it was to be fixed
  11. it missing faction.conf sir
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