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  1. You can add this to the issue tracker on github.
  2. Thanks for reporting, these should now be fixed.
  3. There is no specific episode that Hercules is on, but this might help - https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/milestones
  4. Hey all, So I've worked on a difference checker between the fields of some rAthena and Hercules database files. This could help people or devs or users do quick lookups for differences. Key Features The differences are listed in libconfig format to make things easier for people trying to merge or lookup entries between rAthena and Hercules. It lists only the differences if any. (Except ID and Name field for quick lookups). Repository: https://github.com/Smokexyz/Hercules-vs-rAthena Currently supported files - db/pre-re/mob_db.conf db/pre-re/item_db.conf db/pre-re/skill_db.conf db/re/mob_db.conf db/re/item_db.conf db/re/skill_db.conf TODO Add support for more files. Automate checks and updates to repository. If you have any suggestions for files or format do let me know. If you want to report errors, please feel free to open an issue on the repository page.
  5. https://github.com/S...c5f5bc994d174a2 Release of Hercules Battlegrounds 1.0a (alpha) - Added base support for battleground statistics (including sql). - Completed configurations file and settings. - Fixed crashing of map on player logout. (Thanks to those that reported). - Cleanup of several code-blocks, optimization and code-styling. - Fixed errors thrown by exceeding def/mdef values for pre-re configuration. - Fixed data store type mismatch error. (Thanks to those that reported). This is the initial alpha and stable release of the Hercules Battlegrounds plugin. Topic updated. Documentation has been moved to the readme section of the repository. Thank you to those that tested and submitted core dumps.
  6. Maybe @Ridley can code this in with his clan implementation.
  7. you may check the guidelines and criteria here - http://herc.ws/board/contactus/ Do I need to fix some emulator bug to apply for the Development spot? Is there a specific number of fixes? Yes you do (for developer positions). There is no fixed number, just go about making fixes and submit your application for the team to decide whether you're suitable or not for the position.
  8. Preview of the achievements and the achievement window working on Hercules (All official content, no customizations - although supported in my implementation.)
  9. you may check the guidelines and criteria here - http://herc.ws/board/contactus/
  10. something similar to http://herc.ws/board/topic/14232-episode-system/ Seems like a very useful thing to have. Could also give Hercules a unique twist.
  11. Sephus


    Hello and welcome to Hercules!
  12. Taking shelter in a code-storm.

  13. This can be reported in github issues for a quicker reference.
  14. It might as well be a plugin then.
  15. It does sound cool. If it's official, I may work on it.
  16. If you're trying to use a later client, I would recommend 20150513. It seems to be the most stable. Make sure your packet keys are correct or disable the obfuscation check altogether. Either way, a basic hercules setup takes nothing more than 10 minutes if you have the client ready (the client, a working data folder to compliment it and dastgir+michieru's translations from their repo - That's it).
  17. I have to disagree here. The new libconfig system would without a doubt make it much easier to add custom options for all components in Hercules. You can read the entry structure for each of them to understand how elaborate and flexible they are. The new configs are also a lot more legible as opposed to txt files with random characters separated by commas.
  18. Taking into account the care-free nature of most "users" of any RO application, I personally would prefer they mention as much detail as possible. Most definitely the git revision in every report for the slightest of issues. The raw file will give you a clearer description of the fields in comments while posting PRs or Issues. That said, it may not be as convenient for users as much as it is for the regular reviewers of issues/PRs.
  19. Might I suggest expanding this towards a MVC (Model, View and Controller) design. If you're still working on it.
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