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  1. Working on this The complete system is vast and requires scripting for most achievements as they're through NPCs. And we don't have much official info. But I've made it flexible enough to be customized for types of possible achievements, even ones not present in kRO.
  2. I don't see a problem, Id's are free from 1459 to 1859. Which means your custom skill ID's would be from 3036 to 3436. You will also have to increase MAX_SKILL 1910.
  3. This will change to - Hercules: better stability, performance, customisation, closer to official, more updated.
  4. Added in PR - https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/1598
  5. pick 285e1fc Adds a protection to 1st Barricade line on WoE SE maps to avoid splash damage without destroying Guardian Stones previously. pick 9450be2 Arrays improvement. Thanks Emistry! If you want to squash 9450be2 into 285e1fc, when you're given the output in your step 3, press i (which means insertion mode). navigate to the line of 9450be2 and change pick or 's' or 'squash' like so - s 9450be2 Arrays improvement. Thanks Emistry! then press esc then type :wq and hit enter. You'd have rebased your revisions unless some conflicts occur.
  6. Thank you for the bug reports, I will look into these as and when I free up. If you fix something, please feel free to create a pull request in the plugin repository.
  7. Sephus


    I think you could do something like this - bg_updatescore(.@bg_map$, bg_get_data(.@lion_bg_id, 0), bg_get_data(.@eagle_bg_id, 0));
  8. Sephus


    bg_get_data(.@bg_id, 0) would return the player count in the team.
  9. Working on this if someone isn't already. Will push a PR when complete.
  10. Which revision of Hercules are you using? As for suggestions, they'll be worked on. However, Healer and Repair NPC can be scripted by a user. Auto soul link sounds like a buffer script. Both are not part of the this core package. Customising is left to the end user.
  11. this is good, if episode == 1, it could disable all features/functions not in that particular episode.
  12. Missing mobs for pre-re. Fixed in 1f163a3 , or just copy mobs 2100 - 2107 from re/mob_db.conf
  13. After a decade of emulating packets it's suddenly complex?
  14. You must place the hBG.c file in src/plugins directory, then compile.
  15. Well, genius. if you're using latest hercules - change to class. if you're using your old hercules - change to class_.
  16. This would have to do with your outdated hercules. open hBG.c and change class to class_ on line 599.
  17. To change the frequency of broadcasts and BG rotation, please edit this line https://github.com/Smokexyz/HerculesBG/blob/master/npc/custom/hBG/bg_common.txt#L125. Change OnTimer5000: To OnTimer<Time in Seconds*1000>:
  18. Sephus


    should stats be in handled in the elemental db text file and not source? Why are you looking for s_elemental_db?
  19. Well, in pre hooks it is a necessity, not an option. AnnieRuru's plugin is outdated for the latest revision of Hercules. For an updated example check - https://github.com/Smokexyz/HerculesBG/blob/master/src/plugins/hBG.c#L3265
  20. In pre hooks you're working with pointers added to each argument, i.e. int skill_castend_nodamage_id_pre(struct block_list **src, struct block_list **bl, uint16 *skill_id, uint16 *skill_lv, int64 *tick, int *flag) { (*src)->id; (*bl)->id; }
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