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  1. @Skylomanco what do you mean by functional website for herc ?
  2. vykimo seems to be away for a while.. i too tried to contact him.. but no success.. still waiting for his return..
  3. first of all i didnt block you, if i ever i had to block you, i would have never sent you files. if i had files, i have no reason, to not send it to you.. the only reason i couldnt send you the files from 27th feb to 9th march, was my pc.. i am busy in real life, many personal reasons.. i can write it here, but are not necessary.. the harddisk is an nvme hard disk, to remove the hard disk i need to take off the motherboard as it fitted behind the motherboard. to show you my genuineness i also shared photos of my pc. the reason i asked to delete the posts here was because, i felt its just your misunderstanding.. i never blocked you.. also check from some friend if someone blocks you what message you get.. because i never blocked you... try to understand, there was no reason to not give you the files.. i connected the pc and i gave you the files.. and the time when you say i blocked you.. if you see chats before that on same day.. i told you that i am assembling the pc.. and sent you photos.
  4. as per commitment i had completed and delivered the files to his developer.. and he suddenly out of no where this guys wakes up after 6 months and asks me for the files. when i am busy and also had my pc dissembled, i told him and as per above images i also sent him images saying it was not able to resend you files as my pc is dissembled. i will need to re assemble it and then send you files.. which i did the very next day, .. i never blocked this guy, and there is no reason to block him.. all i can say some clients are really stupid..
  5. hope you are following the procedure properly.. follow this ...
  6. dDelay is the only option [not sure if he still selling it or not ]
  7. you didnt mention your problem, or what exactly you want.. difficult to assume what you are looking for ...
  8. Very Light Weight Template Login page Register page
  9. We are having 50% off for certain duration contact me
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