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  1. Contact me on discord (Inzanity#1558) or send me a pm! The price depends on the client version (not all 2020 clients are fully supported) and what patches you are looking for.
  2. Any idea why i am getting this error message? (trying to update a 2019 kro client folder using your latest release for either rag/RE) "No suitable mirror server found (S1)" ?
  3. Update : We are now also accepting small server side modification requests! 1. Script creation, modification or debugging. (NPC scripts, etc.) 2. SRC modifications or additions. (You name it) Price will depend on the scale and complexity of the request. Contact me for details and a quote!
  4. Of course you can just replace the sprite in the .grf you are using. This will make the client show the new sprite (which can be anything) for the selected job. Might look weird in some scenarios since player sprites are of course the most detailed in regards to movement and animation indexes. But if its as simple as that, for example using a poring.spr/.act, just add it to your server grf and name it the same as for example the swordsman spr/act and follow the folder structure. Your client (if data.ini is setup properly) will read your server grf first, notice that Swordman has a poring sprite and load that, instead of the normal sprite.
  5. Hello everyone! [About us] We are a team that consists of multiple incredibly experienced developers and long-term Ragnarok players. Some of us have been playing since the old beta iRO days. We are very confident in our ability to read and modify most modern Ragnarok clients. We have worked with various clients from 2018, 2019 and 2020, as well as a few older ones. We primarily work with NEMO Patcher, but also recently started working with WARP Patcher as well. [What do we offer] 1. Finding and patching your desired client.exe with NEMO or WARP according to your wishes. Providing support for said patches, counseling for optimal client setup for your server. (Low latency, best features, avoid "client bloating") 2. Create custom NEMO or WARP patches! Have a cool idea that you want to implement into your client but cannot find any dedicated Reverse Engineers? We are all that you need. Consult with us regarding possibilities. 3. Selling already completed pre-made custom NEMO patches. WARP patches coming soon... 4. Creating, modifying or debugging small - medium sized scripts or source modifications. Need a custom NPC feature? A custom skill or skill edit perhaps? A custom item script / bonus? Perhaps you have a map error you cannot figure out. Contact me for details! [Availability Status : Unavailable] [We are currently occupied with existing tasks and Real Life situations, so we cannot take any further jobs at the moment!] (To provide the best customer experience we will not take more than 2 Jobs at a time, but feel free to contact us anyway!) [Details] - For our first service we will use patches that already come with NEMO or WARP. Custom patches are not included. You can pick your own client version or let us choose (based on your needs). Additional counseling for customers is free of charge if it's within reason. - For our second service you need to consider that Server Side modifications may also be necessary to realize your custom client patch. We will need to charge extra for that and the price can and will heavily vary based on the project scope. - For our third service you need to consider that these patches have been tested only on specific client versions and may not work for your desired client. If the patch can be adjusted without much hassle for your client, you will not be charged extra for the adjustment. However if the adjustments require substantial amount of time, we may be UNABLE to adjust the patch for you. In that case you will get a full refund, unless you agree to pay for further adjustment fees. - We reserve the right to deny any request we deem inappropriate or too difficult / large scale. In case of language barriers (eg. unable to accurately determine the client's wishes), we may also deny your request. - WARP patches may take longer to complete and have a slightly higher cost, since we only recently started working with this Patcher. (As of 2021-01-14) [PRE-MADE CUSTOM NEMO PATCHES] Note: Pre-Made patches have to be applied by our team personally to your client.exe, together with the other patches you wish to use. (Contact us for further information) This is to prevent re-selling our work. 1. Party Member SP bars, fully integrated with Party Window, Battlegrounds and GM Mode. https://imgur.com/a/ekcHEAc PRICE: 120$ +$ fee if the patch does not natively work on your desired client version and has to be modified to work with it (see Details above). - Tested on : 2019-02-13e - Includes a Server Side patch to enable the feature client side. [Tested on Hercules, can be ported to rAthena for a small fee!] - Does not replace any other Status Bars. - Gepard compatible! 2. Coming Soon: - Pre-Renewal UI port to modern clients - Unit Collision disable Patch - Attack / movement delay adjustments - Kafra Storage Pin Code system - Restoring Skill animations for Modern Clients (2019+) - Adjusted and improved Walk Delay improvement patch - Improved Item storage speed. (no delay between item right clicking to storage) - And more... [Payment & Contact] 1. As of now we only accept Paypal. Based on the developer who will tackle your request, the paypal address to send the money to might change. 2. You can contact us on discord : Inzanity#1558 3. If you want your client directly patched, instead of getting a patch file, the price will be lower. (Due to the extra time needed to write NEMO/WARP patches) However we do not recommend this option, because server owners possibly opting to upgrade their client version in the future. 4. If possible, we require to use "Friends & Family" at Paypal. (Some countries may not allow that). The customer will cover any transaction fees. 5. We are getting questions regarding exclusivity options and prices: 5.1 If you do not wish for your requested patch to be re-sold / modified for other customers, we charge a 10% fee. This will have us start from scratch should another customer want the same thing as you. 5.2 If you do not wish for your requested patch to be re-created at all for other customers, we charge a 100% fee. This will ensure that we do not make that same patch again for other customers. 6. In general we charge 11$ per working hour for our work. In case some cases this might be less. (Bundled work, discounts, etc) This is for client side. 7. Generally the base price for any project is 10$. The final price depends on scale and complexity of the request. 8. If within reason, we offer free support for our scripts / patches.
  6. Brd / dancer was reworked after 2018-11-21b client. They no longer cast auras and instead apply Party buffs with a cast time. (thats why you have missing song effects and only see a cast animation) Gepard Shield has a function to restore this if you order his product. Else you can use a client up to 2018-11-21b.
  7. Ran into this with my 2018-11-21b client. I tried enabling/disabling various patches, but the error persists. Friend window works fine, even with the error. I dont personally see any issues with this error message (i dont crash or have undesired effects)
  8. Inzanity

    Nemo patcher

    According to : http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/ChangeMvpHealthBarSize/ 2018-11-21b is compatible with this patch. But when i click it in NEMO patcher i get [Failed in Step1] error message. Could this be fixed? I would really like to have MVPs to have a bigger HP bar and this feature IS NOT enabled by default when i tested it. EDIT : Apparently i was running an outdated version of NEMO, the patch works now on the latest master release
  9. Hey, under npc/mobs or npc/re/mobs/ etc... The format of the file is like this: [Example] prt_fild00,227,212,0,0 monster Shining Plant 1083,1,1800000,900000,1 What does the last number (in bold, underlined) mean? It is either "0" or "1". Plants, Mushrooms, Mini-Bosses and MVPs I see use "1" some times, but not all of them. Can someone explain what that number does?
  10. PREWORD : I DO NOT RECOMMEND WORKING WITH HIM! Long (and detailed) story : So I tried hiring him ("Naruto"). I actually saw his paid service topic over rathena, link here : Naruto's Third Party Service (And this is where i contacted him to get in touch via private message) This is the private message I had to send him because he failed to offer any means of contacting him through discord, even though he wants to handle business through discord himself. https://imgur.com/mdqZDXO - As you can see I made myself clear in what I needed and wanted and he had every right to refuse or ask for more detail. Instead... - Few hours later he added me on discord (i did not know it was him at that time, because 1. He didnt say a word to me after having accepted him and 2. His name and avatar picture does not match his rA/Herc profile) - So eventually I got in contact with him - This is how our conversation went: https://imgur.com/a/opobQVY - I don't think I have to say much else here. - His rathena hired service topic: (in case he decides to post-edit it, this is what it looks like at this point in time) https://imgur.com/a/obL6yGs - In this topic, he only mentions a price for his custom models, but also offers bulk custom skills (same as here) - He speaks of many vouches but lists none. - He speaks of contact through discord, but does not write his discord details. - He mentions no price for src editing, especially BULK WHICH IS WHAT HE WRITES IN HIS TOPIC TITLE - He mentions no payment information, preference, mentions nothing worth to a person looking to hire him. (Remember, we are talking BULK) So naturally I needed to ask for that, especially since he mentions no references (or vouches), mentions no discord contact and so on. I believe I was very professional and respectful and that is how he responded. Scam and lazy workers are common in this scene, so unless you wanna gamble your hard earned money, you need to make sure you can trust the person you are working with. (And make sure both parties agree to all terms) You have been warned. Try at your own risk.
  11. Still available? Add me in discord : Inzanity#1558
  12. Wow thats super helpful! Keep it up
  13. @Shogs Do you work on source confidently? Then yes absolutely!
  14. Still looking for more source developers. Big thanks to Asheraf, Dastgir and Happy Devs for providing their excellent services. I was contacted by various others, but they never replied back. If anyone else is looking for a great developing service, i highly recommend those 3.
  15. Update 20-01-22 : - A few developers have contacted me and some of the tasks have been finished or are being looked at. - Monthly budget for january will be reached soon, so depending on the project that you can complete, i will only need 1 or 2 more devs to help me out. - In February i will be able to hire more people again (if necessary). - Feel free to contact me if interested!
  16. Hey, I am looking for skilled and experienced developers who knows his way around Hercules source code to make various adjustments, as well as possibly write custom scripts. There are a bunch of "ideas" I have and need help with. Some are small projects (custom itemscripts, small ish npcs, custom @commands). Some are "bigger" projects (complex custom @commands, changes to in-game mechanics, skill mechanic changes, etc.) that require a bit more brain and creativity to solve effectively. Payment can be discussed in private, but I can say I am able to pay either on project by project basis, or pay a monthly hiring fee and setup a Schedule / Deadline with you that we both agree to. Notes : - Dont bother contacting me if you are looking for a quick cash grab and then never respond again. Payment will be done after the delivery of the agreed work. - You can ask various "big" people here on this board if you question my credibility. (Daifuku, yug-webdev, Asheraf, Hemagx, HappyDevs and Dastgir to name a few) I have been involved with all of those people and many others and none have ever complained about our contracts. - Your work shall be based on the "stock / base" hercules (newest git version). If things work out great and we work together for a longer time, you will be given access to the Servers gitlab repo. - Avoid overselling yourself, be fair towards me and yourself. - Be motivated and fluent (enough) in english to make sure we do not run into any communication issues. - Your work concept is already prepared for you (google doc / google sheet format). - COMMUNICATION IS KEY. - If you do not respond within 7 days [1 week] without reason I consider you no longer interested in the project and the agreement between us is void and no longer in effect. - This means that if you were working on something, but failed to update me or respond at all, I will now give that task to another developer and you will NOT be paid, even if you finish the task. - Make sure to communicate with me about every step in the process so that a fair work environment can be established. If you cannot reply for extended periods of time, tell me beforehand. If you are unsure if you are available for another 7 days, tell me beforehand. Contact : - Write here or write me a PM. - Add me on discord Inzanity#1558 - Add me on skype inz4n33 (rarely active there) Payment : - Prefer Paypal (maximum security for both sides) - Can do other methods (contact me in this case)
  17. Inzanity

    Nemo patcher

    Really nice! was the homunculus / target bug fixed yet?
  18. Oh thats a shame...Me and others would have loved to buy it or support the project. I think it is/was a great addition to the client (that is so limited in many ways for us to customize). Heres hoping it will come back to life one day..
  19. Its cool stuff. I definitely wish for this to be completed to the point where it is as usable as hercules or rA. I do think herc or rA are poorly handled and a lot of the code is a hot mess where most developers dont know where is what anymore. There are also a lot of restrictions on server side, which is a shame. I do hope you can solve all of those and make a great Server Emulation Software, I would definitely be in on this if I knew C in any form or shape! But in the end we are limited by the client and our limited access to modifying it. There is so much potential in the game, but we cannot access it due to client limitations and a lot of nonsense being hard coded instead of LUA handled.
  20. Yes it would be skill related (a bunch / lot of them though, but can deal with them one by one, or in packet size, but with bigger dead lines). Could you add me on discord for further discussions?
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